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    What is The Not Com Revolution?

    Welcome to the Not Com Revolution!

    It’s not just a .com internet anymore as over 500 new Your.Domains are coming online. Your.Domains (not-com) are now hitting the web in many styles and flavors. See how the Your.Domains Not-Com revolution will change the web!

    Not-Com .Domains Now Available!


    The Internet is changing forever. Learn what this means for you.

    Over 1000

    New dot-Endings

    Soon there will be millions of websites with Your.Domains addresses that end in .cars, .art, .flowers, .vegas, .london, .music – even .Google, .Gucci, .Ford, .BMW and many other New .Endings. Web addresses can now end with just about .Anything! more…

    Better Web


    New Your.Domains .addresses will provide clues to what you’ll find on a website. Designer.FASHION for a fashion website – ArtistName.ART for artist websites, AnyBusiness.NYC for any business in New York City – will make finding what you’re looking for online easier! more…

    Safer Internet


    Consumers can have confidence when visiting Shop.Macy that the trusted Macy’s brand is behind it. All new web .addresses will have added consumer safeguards – making The New dot-Websites some of the safest neighborhoods online. more…

    Millions of New


    .com is overcrowded – 70% of new requests for a web address are rejected because every imaginable address using .com is already taken. The Your.Domains Not .com Revolution will bring millions of short, catchy and brandable website name addresses for business, startups and entrepreneurs! more…

    .сайт, .商店

    .संगठन, موقع.

    Billions of internet users around the world today cannot access the internet using their native language characters. New Internationalized Domains will help people in Russia, China, Dubai, Japan and more navigate the internet with greater ease and accessibility. more…

    A New dot


    Investors made millions in the dot-com gold rush. New Your.Domains internet.frontiers means a lot of potentially valuable virtual real estate will become available very soon. There are some preparing for new investment .opportunities. How might the New Dot Gold Rush pan out? more…

    Not-com domain choices bring millions of new dot options for website addresses that are descriptive and memorable.>> Start here.<<